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      Ocean FCL/LCL service
      Warehouse service
      Air freight service
      Vessel service


      1. Familiar with the international freight forwarding market, with operating experience is preferred;
      2. with more than 1 year experience in international freight forwarding sales;
      3. The ability to develop an independent, hard-working, studious, a strong learning ability and ambition;
      4. cheerful, with good language skills and communication skills, with a strong sense of responsibility;
      5. Work actively involved, a team player, optimistic, able to work under pressure;
      6. Good English is preferred;
      7. Owns the relationship or customer resources.

      1. Facing direct customer operations, we experienced a priority, to complete the entire process independent shipping, air transport and import business operations;
      2. A quick mind, good communication;
      3. Carefully, with a strong sense of responsibility;
      4. with a sense of teamwork, good moral character;
      5. Treatment favorably, basic salary + bonus, non-top-level operation or the operator does not have a top operating potential will not be accepted.

      1. A college degree or above, with or without experience can be;
      2. Western hears good ability, translators with good experience, proficient in Chinese and foreign translation, Chinese writing is excellent;
      3. The quick thinking, strong sense of responsibility;
      4. Editors, translators relevant work experience is preferred.

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