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      Ocean FCL/LCL service
      Warehouse service
      Air freight service
      Vessel service


      Ocean FCL/LCL service:
      Companies with close cooperation with many shipping companies, provide high frequency and global competitive FCL/LCL services to order reliable and flexible one-stop solution for customers. FCL/LCL covering all major routes through the space of its guarantee customers enjoys adequate equipment and FCL guaranteed accommodation. We offer a choice of many shipping companies, and ensure standardization and reliability of customer service.

      Warehouse service:
      With the advantage of geographical location, to better the ports, airports and distribution centers convergence, improve the cargo turnover, while achieving high standards of safety and security of cargo. Warehousing services include packing, unpacking, changing packaging, consolidation, sorting and packaging, bar code management, paste-Mark, order management and distribution logistics. In addition, our company also provides other value-added services, for different customer demand for customized one to one of supply chain logistics solutions. Our experienced team will be professional skills and modern equipment to meet your logistics needs timely and effective manner.

      Air freight service:
      Our Company established major airline alliances with major, directly with the airline signed a contract to provide customers around the world of tailored services. Companies with experienced and passionate team, flexible and very helpful to everyone whether it is the first collaboration or cooperation air service customers regularly. Air services include: expedited service, fight cargo, delayed flights, regular flights and charter services. In addition, we also provide door to door and barge services, will deliver the goods to your designated destination, and strive to provide more value-added services.

      Vessel service:
      liferaft / lifeboat / davit inspection, fire extinguisher / SCBA / EEBD / fixed firefighting equipment inspection, maintain & refill, supply any vessels material & spare parts.

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